Pwa Index


Create a picture galery cover page based on your picasa Web Album


During some time I was running my own web log. My own code and it was really enought for my needs. But then comes a day when you want to do more… and more… and more. At this rate I couldn't manage to "post" and to update the code at an acceptable rate.

I decided to move to WordPress. It is clean, nice and they already have a great set of features. The main problem: How to put import my Picasa pictures into it?


Open the application, fill up your user name and click start.

The application will generate an HTML code which you can copy and paste anywhere.

System Requirements

OS: Windows
Framework: .NET 1.0
Install: N/A


PWA_index.exe Main application

Bugs and Stuff

For now you can send me an email reporting any bugs or requesting any additional feature.

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